Vizyon, Amaç ve Değerlerimiz




Kendine değil başkalarına hizmet et

"Help the people you work around. And be a good corporate citizen, by doing more for the communities in which you work and live".

Doğru olanı yap

"Act honorably. If you hear an inner voice telling you that something is wrong, pay attention to it".

Görünenin ötesini araştır

"Take an active interest in what’s around you. Never be afraid to ask questions".

Mükemmeli hedefle

"Make Allegion a better company – and make yourself a better leader and person".

Yaptığın işten keyif al ve «biz» olmaktan gurur duy

"Honor Allegion’s past, present and future, while bringing a spirit of play to your work".

Güvenli ol, sağlıkla kal

"Promote good safety and health habits, inside and outside the office".

Sorumluluk ve insiyatif al

"Give yourself and others the tools needed for success. Have measurable goals so you’ll know when you’ve succeeded".

Bu senin işin, kendini ve işini geliştir

"Don’t be satisfied with “good enough.” Consider ways in which a process could be made better, and then work to make it a reality".