Allegion in the Community



'Serve Others, Not Yourself'


In the last quarter of 2015, we’ve chosen a sister school from the north-east part of Turkey, Agri Merkez Selcuk Secondary School. We made a general announcement to all our employees and encouraged them to bring both new and second-hand clothes, stationary materials, books and even toys for students’ elder sisters and brothers. There was an exciting great interest. We set a core team for sorting and packaging the materials and in the end we shipped 27 boxes of equipment which had a satisfying feedback of happy children.

'Serve Others, Not Yourself'


In 2016 we decided to organize the same for another school which was in an underdeveloped region of Duzce, right besid0: Duzce Riza Malatyali Secondary School. In addition to the stationary materials, books and clothes, this time we also collected some amount of money (completely optional and in unspecified amounts) and bought cleaning supplies for the school which reported to be in trouble with hygienic issues. 

'Serve Others, Not Yourself', "Be Safe, Be Healthy"


In 23th April 2016, during the National Children’s Day event, we wanted to celebrate also the Earth Day which was the day before. We bought 400 pine saplings and gave them as a gift to our employees. Also we planted trees in our garden with our employees’ children who were already present in the factory for Children’s Day art competition. 

Spring Fest '15


We organized a large scale garden event which all our employees working in Duzce plant and in Istanbul office were participated. We set a huge barbecue in the plant garden, had lunch all together with live music; people had fun with enjoyable games and dance performances. 


National Children’s Day


On 23th April 2016, National Children’s Day, we organized an art competition for the children of our employees. The winners were awarded with the bicycles, toys and books whereas we got the privilege to exhibit their precious artworks at our lovely art gallery in the lunch hall. 

Family Day


We arranged a family day in the plant for our employees’ families to show them the atmosphere of the workplace. First, our guests got a brief introduction of the factory and then explored our production area where their parents were working dedicatedly. 

Sports Tournaments


We are trying to help our colleagues to spend their spare times more effectively. For the last couple of years, we have been organizing table-tennis tournaments at lunch time and rewarding the winners with gift vouchers. We also encourage our employees to attend more sportive activities after work like volleyball and football tournaments at contracted sport halls in the city center.